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Become a part of Union Institutional Baptist Church family through one of six ways:

  • By Baptism - a person who professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will be fully emerged into water - unless physical or mental abilities prohibit.

  • By Restoration - a person who is no longer considered to be an active member of Union may be restored to membership upon a statement of request.

  • By Letter - Receipt of a letter from another Christian church stating that an individual is in good and regular standing with that church.

  • By Christian Experience - a person who has been baptized previously by the water and spirit who chooses to become a member to continue their Christian experience with Jesus Christ.

  • By Proxy - a person who is unable to present himself/herself in person and wishes to be received into the membership by any of the methods above.

  • Under Watch Care - a person who has relocated to the vicinity and seeks full membership rights to this church while maintaining membership status with their previous church body until rejoining that particular church body.

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